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Mrs. Jane L. Stanford Gives Valuable
Property to the Leland Stanford,
Jr., University
, and Will Have a
Few Million Left for Heirs - Gifts

San Francisco, Dec. 11. - Mrs. Jane
L. Stanford has executed and delivered
to the board of trustees of the Leland
Stanford, Jr. university, two deeds of
grant and one deed of gift. One of the
deeds of grant covers all of the real es-
tate heretofore given to the university,
including the university campus of
about 9000 acres. The other deed of
grant covers the Stanford residence
upon California Street, which is event-
ually to be used for educational pur-

The deed of gift covers bonds and
stocks heretofore given and certain se-
curities not included in former grants.
The grants are confirmatory in
character and are made under the pro-
visions of the Stanford university con-
stitutional amendment, which legalized
grants and gifts made to the univer-
sity. This amendment was adopted in
order to set at rest any question as to
the validity of the original endowment
and to prevent legal technicalities from
interfering with future donations to
this educational institution, which was
founded by Mr. and Mrs. Stanford as
a memorial to their only son.

The deeds delivered practically cov-
er the grants made in the original en-
dowment, which, however, is more
than doubled in value, chiefly owing
to the remarkable business ability dis-
played by Mrs. Stanford in the manage-
ment of the vast interest left in her
charge by the death of her husband. By
these grants she has conveyed to the
Leland Stanford, Jr., university, for the
benefit of the people of California,
about $18,000,000 in stocks and bonds,
$10,000,000 to $12,000,000 in real estate,
including the university buildings and
equipments. All of the bonds are first
mortgage and the stocks, with scarcely
an exception, are what are known as
gilt edge securities.

F. F. Lieb of San Jose, president of
the board of directors, received the
deeds on behalf of the board, and also
took formal possession of the bonds
and other personal property. Messrs.
Charles G. Lathrop, Joseph D. Grant
and Timothy Hopkins, resident trus-
tees, were also present. The legal fea-
tures of the donation were conducted
by Mrs. Stanford's attorneys, Crothers
& Crothers.

Notwithstanding that she has now
given the equivalent of over $25,000,000
to the Leland Stanford, Jr., university,
making it one of the richest institu-
tions of the kind in the world, Mrs.
Stanford has not impoverished herself,
but is understood to still retain several
millions for her personal use and to
provide for the various members of her
family. It is believed that the amount
of her endowment to the university,
which she aided in founding, exceeds in
amount any similar gift in history.

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