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Tears filled my eyes
when I read how you had
turned the covers back, for
your precious Boy.

I am a mother of three
children two boys and one girl
I thought who but a kind
and loving mother thinks
and cares for our own so

We are sufferers
of the great storm of Sep. 8th
lost everything and gave
what few things that wer [sic] saved
like betting [sic - bedding] & dresses & clothing
to others that had none.

We are thankfull [sic]
our lives were spared
hoping the work that is
for us to do, will be done
as He the giver of all
good intended it should.

Trusting I have taken
but little of your time.

I want to be
named as one of your
many admirers.

Mrs. W. E. Maxson

3928 M 1/2

To Mrs Leland Stanford

San Francisco

in case this letter does
not reach you in N.Y.

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