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[image: Battle Creek Sanitarium]

The above is a picture of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, of which Dr. J. H.
Kellogg is Supt. We were royally entertained as the guest of the Doctor for
several days. Dr. Kellogg is much interested in this movement and will co-
operate in every way he can to help make it a success. He edits "Good
Health" a magazine devoted to hygienic living, one of the best in print. It
will bless any home receiving it. Subscription $1 a year. We will send it and
the Record both one year for the dollar.

[first column] ROLL OF HONOR.


Twenty-five cents each —

L W Eichelberger, W T Tyndall, T
E Hornbeak, F W Barrett, S Johnson,
L N Farmer, G A Dunn, H H Eichel-
berger, J M Nash, J S Swiers, C W
Smith, Frank Edwards, J W Collins,
W H Eshelman, W Tunnell, J E Ten-
nis, C W Connett, L F Williams, W L
Davis, F M Kessinger, D M Beatie, S
M Jernigan, J C Sayers, W P Buckbee,
F S Evans, A M Watts, M K Stotts,
William C Murphy, C E Burnsworth,
W H Block, C E Senn, Frank O'Neal,
John Liggett, B G Ross, A Goodman,
H E Walker, N F Yankie, F M Burris,
R A Hurst, H C Green . . . $10 00

Fifty cents each —

M H Ricketts, G Purd Hayes, S Con-
nett, J R Dishman, W R Parton, W M
Mincks, W A Wasson, M Gleason, J F
Davis, Frank J Bradshaw, Prof. C H
Grove, Richland school, F A Troy, Mrs
Hettie Gaines, R A Winchester, J M
Snedeker, J C Brownlee . . . $8 50

One dollar each —

A A Young, G T Breazeale, Thorn
Aton, John C Rogers, Fred J Marshall,
Fred Strube, Rev C I Rose, Philipsburg
J W Farris, J W Pritchett, J H Case,
Maurice Gregory, Jas Mollohan, J H
Waite, Mrs J Studley, Jacob Levy, A G
Bonham, Gus Ihrig, W L Bowman, J
C Ficklin, W T Holland, Mrs C M
Blacklock, T J Hood, S Shepard, A
Chapman, B Hardin, S M Simpson,
Teachers at Union Star, D F Hartman,
G W Edwards, O L Millen, Geo Blaine,
S T Clay, J W Waldo, Nellie Coppock,

[second column] Winslow collection, Jas Burr, William
Dickens, Wm Millan, Darlington col[lection,?]
G T Pike, C A Griffin, John Pyle, Sa-
pulpa friend, Deborah C Leeds, Miss
F D Robb, C E Howe, Mrs A Grant,
W A Collis . . . . $49 00

Two dollars each —

Richland, Leon Mandel, L C Hubbel,
Mrs Alice O'Day, Orchard School, Hol-
denville collection . . . . . $12 00

Three dollars each —

St. Louis W C T U convention, col-
lection at Woods, Rev. W F Tur-
ner . . . . . . $9 00

La Prelle Williams Shoe Co.,
St. Louis ..... $ 5 00

Grand Leader, St. Louis ..... 5 00

Geo Mitchell, Chicago ..... 5 00

M H Burnham, Battle Creek,
Mich ..... 5 00

H H Wagoner, St. Louis ..... 5 00

Geo Ward, King City, Mo ..... 5 00

W C T U, by a member, Neosho 5 00

W C T U, Orchard Mo ..... 5 00

A M Close, Orchard, Mo ..... 5 00

Emery, Bird, Thayer, Kansas
City, Mo ..... 5 00

John W Freeman, Jopiin ..... 5 00

Dr E P Bean, Monett ..... 5 00

Mrs. Eliza A How, St Louis ..... 10 00

C W Post, Battle Creek, Mich ..... 10 00

Ely & Walker Dry Goods Co, St
Louis ..... 10 00

J W Nelson, Marshfield ..... 10 00

Collection, King City ..... 10 00

Collection, Union Star, ..... 10 00

Oak Street M E church, Denton,
Tex ..... 10 00

Collection, Rogersville, ..... 1 55

Collection, Daily Chapel ..... 1 30

Mrs Niles, Stoutland ..... 75

[third column] R B Robinson, Kansas City ..... $1 50

Collection, Orchard, Mo. ..... 4 00

J B Sager, Darlington, Mo ..... 2 50

Dundee Place M E church, Kan-
sas City ..... 4 00

Ft Worth University, Texas ..... 1 50

High school, Fort Worth ..... 75

Colored high school, Ft Worth . 1 25

Draughon Business college, Ft
Worth ..... 6 50

Indianola Business College, Hol-
denville, I T ..... 1 50

G H Roose, St Louis ..... 20 00

D D Walker, St Louis ..... 15 00

G F Swift, Chicago ..... 25 00

Carrie Nation, Topeka, Kas ..... 100 00

Grand Avenue M E church,
Kansas City ..... 17 00

Total 422.60


Mrs W W Culver (clothing) St.
Louis ..... 5 00

Mrs Ellen Burge (organ for
girl's hall) Springfield, Mo ..... 40 00

Wm Griffith, Marionville carpen-
tering ..... 5 00

Union Epworth League, Elwood
fruit ..... 4 00

M E Aid, Sarcoxie, quilt ..... 3 00

M E Aid. Peirce City, quilt ..... 3 00

W C T U, Cresco, Ia. quilt,
sheets, etc. ..... 4 00

M E Aid, Marionville, quilt ..... 3 00

Mrs M J Smith, New York, two
quilts ..... 5 00

Mrs M E Sprague, Marionville,
quilt ..... 3 00


The Sarcoxie Ladies Aid sent by Mrs. M. E. Sprague, a nice quilt, with their name worked on one corner.


Industrial Family.

The family is composed of those who
take a pledge against whiskey, tobacco,
profanity and obscenity. Most of
them work all of their way, some in
the Broom Factory, and others cutting
wood doing janitor work and odd jobs
in town. Thanksgiving day Rev. W.
J. Simmons had them all to dinner
and the next day Mrs. C. A. Mitchell
invited them to eat a turkey that had
been sent by Mr J. W. Robb, of
Wentworth, Mo. The boys are at
present batching in a rented house
under the care of Mr. F. M. O'Neal.
They are anxiously watching the pro-
gress of the Hall, hoping to be able
to occupy it soon.

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