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Pittsburg, Pa. 10/12. - 91-

Mrs. Jane L. Stanford

"Nob Hill"

San Francisco, Cal.

Esteemed Madame:

Kindly pardon
if a stranger addresses a few lines to you.

Having read a great deal about your philanthropy
and noble charities, I took the courage to send
this letter to you this morning. Mothers love is
prompting me to do so. - I have four dear chil-
dren, 3 sons and one daughter, 15, 13, 10 and 9 yrs of
age. 6 long years I have been separated from
my dear ones, trying hard to support myself.
Two weeks ago I asked to send me the two ol-
dest one, and the joy of being again with their
mother, can hardly be described. - But it is
a hard struggle for honest existance.- [sic]

Being raised in Hamburg, Germany in

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