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could help me daily and we could make
a plain, good living and would be able to
send for the dear two little ones, who's hearts
are asking to be with their mother.

The moment the oldest boy parted from his
little 10 yrs old brother, forgetting his own
great pain, he cried out to him "Tell Ma-
ma not to worry about me!"-

Those words are constantly ringing in my
ears - and these words are prompting
me to day, esteemed Mrs. Stanford to
ask humbly of you, if you would help me
in getting a little place, where I will be
able to care, love and have my four
dear children around me. God will
bless this noble deed and my thanks, &
appreciation would be too great towards
you to be expressed in words.

Understanding now my situation, you
understand, if I kindly ask of you, to

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