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Buffalo, N.Y. Dec 12 1901

Mrs. Jane L. Stanford

San Francisco, Cal.

Dear Lady, Please excuse the liberty I take in writing to you,
but permit me to state that I have a beautiful carriag[e] robe,
which I had on exhibition at the Pan American fare [sic] here with a
market price of eight thousand dollars. It is a beautiful thing. I
made it personally. It is of the finest [woolen?] double [zepher?], nice
rich colors in size it is five and one half by six feet, with a
heavy fringe. I am very anxious to sell it. I would like to
dispose of it before Christmas. I thought if I would write to you
perhaps you would be kind enough to make me an offer for
it, if you please. It would be a great comfort to me as I grow older.
I am a widow 55 years old. I made the robe twenty four years ago for a
sick husband who died before he ever used it and it has never
been used since, being so much too nice for anything I could have
to go with it. I have always kept it wrapped up carefully so that it is
as fresh and nice as when it was made. I realize that I need not offer
it for sale to any but people of means. I have written to several of the
wealthier people of New York, among them Miss Hellen Gould, asking her
to please buy it or to assist me in selling it, but I have never recd
any reply from any of them. I can give good references. The

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