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255 Lyon St. Ottawa, Can.

Dec. 16th 1901.

My dear Madam,

Before proceeding I must
ask your forgiveness for the liberty I take
in addressing you, but, real, actual, want
has made me desperate, and seeing an
account of your generous, charitable
disposition I thought I would test it
myself. Up to fourteen years ago my
husband was a successful Railroad
Contractor and Civil Engineer, but then
at one blow lost all, even his health, and was
unable to continue his profession. When
he recovered a little we came penniless
to Ottawa, where he has been under medical
treatment ever since for neuristinia

thing to pay. It almost breaks our
hearts to take him away, but, I fear
we must, for we have no money to
send him, and besides we need him
to help us to do something for the
others. He is a dear good boy and
tries not to show how badly he feels
for he knows it troubles his poor
Father so much. Oh! if you in
your goodness would only deign to
aid us a little, if you only sent
a part, even, perhaps something
might turn up later to help us
out. Of ourselves we can do no
more, we have done all we could
deprived ourselves of everything
even the necessaries of life. Until
lately my health and courage have
been good but, I find both go-
ing quickly. Under these cir-

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