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soon as Otto is through and able to help
us, or we will take it as charity if you
prefer it, for our pride is gone with
everything else. I enclose only a copy
of Lord Strathcona's letter, also one
from the Mayor of our City to prove
our respectability, and necessity
for I assure you it is the most
vital necessity drives me to
beg, but I cannot see my little
ones suffer without trying to do
something for them. As I intend
anything you send as a joyful
Christmas present to my dear
husband. I did not like to send
the original letters for fear he
would miss Lord Strathcona's
which he values very highly.
I can quite understand how

presuming and indelicate you will
think me for worrying you with even
a few of our trials, but I feel sure
your kind heart will help you overlook
all, and perhaps lighten our burden
a little. I take the liberty of en-
closing an addressed envelope to
save you trouble in case you
send us nothing, you can just
return it and relieve my anxiety
as a refusal will be almost
better than suspense. Wishing you
all the joys of this festive season
and imploring your kind con-

I remain,

Yours respectfully,

Ada O'Regan.

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