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a small town with about ten thousand
population but we have no wealthy
people in the place, though strange
to say there is much cultivation
among the people and no people
would enjoy the privilege of a Public
Library more than this town. Now
we have about three hundred books
and hope to have three or four
hundred dollars by the end of
this month. Now this is a beginning
but far from the goal. In connection
with the Library we hope to have a
childrens room made beautiful and
attractive with books that will arouse
all that is noblest and best in their
natures. Then we hope to have a
"Rest Room" for the poor farmers
wives who are often compelled to roam
the streets with children in their arms
whilst the husband and father
is comfortably seated in a warm
saloon. Will you help us? The
cry I know is far off yet when I
read your sad story, you seemed
very near for the distance was
bridged by sympathy. I enclose
a stamped envelope. If for any

reason you feel as if you could not help us
please return the envelope, but if out of your
generous heart you contemplate helping us
I refer you to any of the banks here. "The Natl'
Bank" of Cleburne, The "Farmers & Merchants"
or the mayor of the city Dr J R Keating.

Hoping and praying I am sincerely your
co-worker for the good of mankind

Julia P Osborn

Mrs Jas' D Osborn 212 N Anglin St

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