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illegal "permit to teach" to earn the necessary funds.
This turned the tide of students from us, and
at about the same time the School Board es-
tablished a business department in the High
School here, which being free drew from us still
more. Thus was our school robbed of its pros-

Mr. Paulson concluded to oust the Co. Supt. and
ran for the office himself. At the convention
which nominated him many of the members
were or had been students of his and he was
nominated by acclamation. He was elected
without buying or furnishing money to buy a
drink of liquor or a vote. If you knew our town
you would think this impossible, but it was
true. He served two years, hiring a graduate of
our State Normal to take his place in the col-

When the time came for a second election a
number of the ring politicians who could not
control my husband and many who wanted
him to issue certificates to their relatives who were
too deficient to earn them by just and fair ex-
aminations, being dissatisfied with him schemed

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