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in the shadow and graduate from it? I also
can make myself useful in many ways,
along domestic lines or in a literary way
and I am always humbly willing to work
and to improve myself, or do anything hon-
orable to aid my boys.

If through your influence such an opportu-
nity could come to us, I would go down on
my knees to thank you, madam.

In case you consider the contents of this com-
munication any one in Council Bluffs can
tell you of us, I have lived here all my life
but four years.

For reference:

Mrs. Anna Palmer, 1650 Washington St., Denver, Col.

Prof. W. N. Paulson, Prin. Bus. Dept., Alleghany High School,
Alleghany, Pa.

Our oldest son, by his first wife, is assistant
claim agent for the N. W. R. R. at Chicago, Ill.
L. W. Tulleys banker, Wm H. Pusey banker, John Beno, merchant,
Finley Burke, lawyer, C. H. Harle, lawyer, J. C.
McCabe, lawyer, Emmett Finley, lawyer, Rev. De
Witt C. Franklin, H. C. Cole merchant, Wm. H.
Kilpack lawyer, W.S. Rice, Rev. Henry Coker, etc,
all of Council Bluffs, Iowa.

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