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Salviati & Co Venezia
S. Polo, Palazzo Bernardo
Venezia li 19/12 1901

Mrs Jane L. Stanford
San Francisco
Dear Madame

I have posted yesterday by registered parcel
2 colored designs representating two different
works to be reproduced in mosaic. Over
the entrance doors I have done so following
your wish to have two projects to select
from, but I have not any doubt you
will select the one made by Prof Vaoletti
which express your ideas explained by
me in fact & followed by me day by day
whilst M. Vaoletti was designing it
It represents our God father receiving Christ
in Paradise. Our god father having { ?}
Him the Prophet of other Saints 1st picture
II pictures Our Lord on His throne having
round him the ?
Apostles & Kings, whom are adoring the King
of the Kings

This work will cost you $4000
The second project which is much simpler
a represent of female figures singing the

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