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I hope you will not take up
the details of the address until
you are thoroughly rested and I
can assist you with the result
of my study of the grants and

Now that the Fair Heirs have
secured a decision in their favor
in the Trust Case Mrs. Oelrich's hotel
will be built, so that my suggestion
(made without their knowledge) must
be withdrawn, and I am glad you
did not wish the block. I am glad
also that my interest in the university
overshadows that in the Fair Estate

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The phrase " I am glad you did not wish the block" does not make much sense, but the writing seems clear.


The Fair Heirs are the daughters of Senator James Graham Fair, Theresa Fair Oelrichs and Virginia Fair Vanderbilt. They built the Fairmont Hotel at 950 Mason Street in San Francisco in honor of their father. Apparently George Crothers made a suggestion to Jane Stanford that she or the university acquire the block on which the hotel was built for some purpose, but she did not wish the block.