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and of work, that you
have had little time for
any thing else. But I
hope that the time has come,
when you will permit your
friends to share your sor-
row, and feel interested
in your work. God grant
you strength and courage
to carry out to completion
the plans and hopes which
are so dear to you, and
and were, and are, a part
of the life of your dear
Husband, and yourself.

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I think you have probably
heard from Anna that
Mr. Dawes is at present in
the Indian Territory, as the
head of a Commission to
treat with the Indians, and
that she has accompanied
him there. They went about
the first of January, and will
be away for some weeks more.
Mr. Dawes was not very well
when he went away from
the effects of the Grip, but I
hear that the milder climate
has been very good for him.
My son and I, are living
very quietly at home, and
enjoying the rest; though

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