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we shall both be very glad
to see our travelers back again.
I hope that we may hear as
you have time, of you, and
of what you are doing for
California. Aimee has en-
joyed your friendship, and
that of Mr. Stanford, so much
and you have been so kind
to her, in so many ways!
I trust that you may want
to come East some time, -
and that we may have the
pleasure of seeing you in
our home. We are always
glad to hear from you.

I am sincerely your friend

Electa S. Dawes

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Mrs. Dawes

Pittsfield Mass

Jan. 26, 1894

My Dear Mrs. Stanford

I cannot
bear to lose some of
the pleasant friends which
I was so fortunate as to
make in Washington, and
so I am trying to recall
myself to some that I
cherish. I am sure that
your heart and hands
have been for the last
months, so full of sorrow

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