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put my arms right around
you - and cry,- with you, for
very joy! I did feel
very anxious, that that no-
ble work should go on, and
now, may you be spared
to do just what you want
to accomplish, and put
yourself beside your dear
Husband, into that grand
Memorial. The work will
go on, and thousands will
rise up to call you blessed.

God bless you My Dear,
and help you in His own

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Shall not you come East
again before very long? We
shall want to see you here
again - and behold the
shining of your countenance.

Just now, for a short time,
Mr. Dawes and Anna
are both away, else they
would join me in the con-
gratulations, but my son
whom you met, sends his
most heartily.

We are all
rejoicing with him, just now
in his recent engagement
to a lovely girl living here
Miss Pingree, whom we -

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