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SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 2nd, 1891. 18

Mrs. Leland Stanford,

1701 K. St. Washington, D. C.

Dear Mrs. Stanford:

I have just received your letter of Dec. 26th, written from New York, in which you inquire as to the boy Ariel and his present whereabouts.

Soon after I returned from Ogden I called upon the German lady who has him in charge, and found her at home. I did not see the boy for he was at school. I had a very pleasant conversation with her, and found her to be a woman of more than ordinary intelligence, consdering her nationality and surroundings. I learned from her that the family was very much attached to the boy; that she had no objections to his finding a better place and more advantages than those they were able to give him. She seemed to be in doubt as to the ability of the party in Santa Barbara to do better by him than she was doing; that she had received no satisfactory assurance of their ability to do so, etc. etc. and that when she had such assurances she would not object to his being sent to them. She desired that he should remain with them until after the Christmas holidays, as they had made considerable preparation, and the boy was interested therein. The Germans, you will remember, make very much of Christmas day.

I immediately wrote to the lady of Santa Barabara, informing her of the situation here regarding the boy, and have since re-

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