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upon him on his way from Palo Alto to the Senate. I thought it doubtful whether there would be any other opportunity so timely to give publicity to his position upon those points. This I think I succeeded in doing, although what I said was not reported in the papers in full. It has, however, become a matter of evidence in the case. The legislature convenes on Monday next, and the transfer of the controversy goes where it properly belongs, - to the State Senate and the Committee on Elections, where I have no fear of the result.

I spent New Year's Day alone at home with my family, and like Christmas it was the first time since my marriage that our family has been by itself on those holidays.

With the compliments of the season, in which my family joins me to yourself, Governor Stanford and Mr. Nash, whom I have learned to regard as a member of your family, I subscribe myself, as ever,

Very sincerely,

ST. Gage

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