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SAN FRANCISCO, Jun. 14th, 1891. 18

Mrs. Leland Stanford,

1701 K. St. Washington, D. C.

Dear Mrs. Stanford:

I am in receipt of yours of Jan. 2nd, which begins as follows: "On my return last evening from New York I found a letter from Percy and Hamilton awaiting me, and the questions asked in his letter I have decided as follows:" Then follow the suggestions.

I took occassion [sic] the day after its receipt to show this letter to Mr. Percy, calling his attention to the points made therein. He took memoranda and will be guided accordingly.

I have arranged through the Superintendant [sic] of the Mint at Washington for all coins struck off for the year 1891, that they may be laid in the corner stone, and they will be here in time to hand to Mrs. Robinson before the sealing of the box containing the various articles and which is to be deposited in place.

I understand from Mr. Percy that the work preparatory to building is going as rapidly forward as possible, though work has not yet been commenced upon the walls. It requires considerable preparation for the execution of a contract so large before actual work can begin. The time for the completion of the building is well understood by the contractors, however, so I take it for granted that every preparation is being made towards the accomplishment of the agreement to have it erected prior to the first day of October, 1891.

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