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[Right Side]

the Gen'l's suggestion,
and I think it is high
time I should as my
three score years and
ten are nearly run
and I must be looking
to my lamp, and try
and leave my little in
good order. This long
explanation is because
you said you would
address my letter so,
as you supposed my
home had changed
hands, it is hard for

[Left Side]

me to give up my house,
but I must. I have not
been in my house since
last June.

Dear Madame

Mrs Grant wishes
me to say that she be-
gan this letter to you,
but as she has been
quite poorly for two
weeks) not ill, but very
weak) she requested
me to finish it. She is
at the sea coast. Mr
and family are

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Incorrect parentheses on the left side are as in the letter.