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Cottage B. Sherrys

Narragansett Pier

Sept 18th 94

I hope you are quite
well my dear Mrs
Stanford, we have
all talked of you
and I have often
thought of you and
hoped you have
passed the summer

I have had a very
happy summer here
with first Col Fred
and family and then
my Nellie (my white dove)

[left side]

and her son and
daughter. They too are
sweet and gentle as
are Freds children.

Nellie is now in Washing-
ton, where she writes
since she has secured
a pretty little house
with a nice sunny
room for (dear mama) me, with
her own room next
it where we can
enjoy an early cup of
tea. This is a pleasant
antiscipation [sic] is it
not? and dear Mrs
Stanford I am sure
you will think with me

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