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Stanford University, Cal
July 22, 1904

Mrs. Leland Stanford,
Stanford University, Cal.
Dear Friend:

I have the following from Dr. Ray L. Wilbur, who is now in
London, concerning the Rev. R. J. Campbell:

At the request of H. C. Hoover, who did not have time
because of a contemplated trip to South Africa, I went to
hear the Rev. R. J. Campbell preach his Thursday noon address
to business men. The service was held in the City Temple
and the large auditorium was crowded, largely with "City"
men. I am inclosing in same mail with this a photograph
and a sample sermon. The one delivered today was along the
same general lines. There was frequent reference to painting,
poetry, to business life, and to ordinary everyday occurrences.
The talk was on the "Transfiguration" and was well arranged
and logical throughout. The gospel of "Goodness" was the
one preached, and the sermon was direct, forcible, and was
listened to in the most absolute silence, and evidently moved
many of the audience.

You can judge something of the speaker from his photo-
graph. Hs is an old-looking young man. His voice is clear
and I could hear every word from the back seat. At times he
became oratorical, but as a rule, he depended for effect upon
the thought rather than upon its expresssion. In a word, I
found him a most sympathetic, earnest, plain, straightforward
speaker, reminding me in many ways of Rev. Brown of Oakland.
The Hoovers have been able to acquire some information from a
mutual friend which they will send you. I trust that what I
have written will cover some of the things you wish to know.
I also heard him deliver the benediction etc. at the American
Independence Day dinner, where he showed much tact.

Very sincerely yours,
David S. Jordan

I have received also a photograph of
Mr. Campbell - and also a sermon, both of which I send

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