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The Stanford Law School has the same course of study. It uses the
Langdell methods, and all its teachers have been students of the Harvard Law School. Some of these, as Hall, Whittier, and Dennis (recently appointed) have been among the most eminent of recent
Harvard graduates.

It has now one professor, three assistant professors (one absent
without pay for graduate study at Harvard), one instructor, and three
library assistants, the total salary roll being $11,500.

There are about 8,000 volumes in the library, and there is , as yet,
no permanent fund for its increase.

Tuition is free, yielding no revenue.
There are 141 students.

To bring in one or more first-rate men could not reduce the
number of teachers. No man, however great, can spend more hours in the class room than the present teachers, and none can teach larger classes. This applies to all other departments equally. Besides, the presence of two or three more first-class teachers of mature
experience, men like Ames, Williston, Maitland, would greatly increase the attendance especially by keeping our own graduates here. Most of them go to Harvard after the first year here.

Harvard: Number of teachers 15, Cost of Salaries $70,000,
Library 76,000, Number of Students 738, Number graduates
to date 115

Stanford: Number of teachers 5, Cost of Salaries $11,000,
Library 8,000, Number of Students 141, Number graduates
to date 12

I think that I have told you that James Parker Hall, formerly

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