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Stanford University, Cal.
July 27, 1904

Mrs. Leland Stanford,
Stanford University, Cal.
Dear friend:

Referring again to the matter of the Law Department, I do not
think that we could arrange to get Dr. Williston or any similar man
for the coming year, and no man of this sort would come until the Law
Library is greatly enlarged.

We can strengthen the departments one by one, in the way you
suggest, but we must begin our arrangements a year beforehand.

Meanwhile, the most pressing matters are simple ones, which do not
cost much, but which are most important to successful work, like oil on
the wheels of a machine.

1. We must readjust our salary rolls, paying our best men salaries
as large as they have been offered in the East, or as high as similar
men are paid elsewhere. We cannot pay new men of the same grade more
than we pay the best of those men who have stayed through our hard
days at a personal sacrifice from loyalty to the University, to you, and
to me. To arrange this involves no great sum, but it is, in my judgment,
our most pressing duty, in justice to the University itself. This should
take effect at the end of the coming year, as salaries for next year are
already fixed. It is on the quiet, steady work of the good, patient

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