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men, who are "wheel-horses" in the University, that its reputation
finally depends.

2. We must increase our stock of apparatus, so as to meet actual
needs all around. In several departments there are not half instruments
enough for the students, and as three or four of them use the same micro-
scopes, microtomes, or electrometers, we cannot hold them individually
responsible for things lost, broken, or stolen. To give each one his set,
with a good locker, and to make him replace everything in good order, is
the right way. Many of the microscopes bought by Mr. Hopkins in 1894
and 1895 for the need of the classes at Pacific Grove have been in
constant use here ever since and are worn out. These matters I shall
bring before the Board in detail, in the course of the year.

3. The need of books we have discussed many times. More
of our students go East for access to great libraries than for any
other reason. This will come in time, but the life of a student here is
only four years, and they cannot wait.

I write these things not to complain, nor to ask for anything,
but simply that you may know my judgment in these matters.

Very sincerely yours,
David S. Jordan

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