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connection with the preparation and publication of
the volume. I am sure it will please you, and
in doing that, I am satisfied, though of course, I
shall be glad if every one who reads the volume
is equally well pleased. While I did not write
all the Biographical part, those who did, did so
under my supervision, and I read and reread all
parts of it, before it finally went into cold type.
The arrangement, the division of subjects &c was all
mine. In accordance with your instructions I put
in the address of Dr Stebbins in full. After having
carefully read the addresses a number of times, I
can not see that anything that should have been
said, has been ommitted. [sic] Those of Senator Vest
and Rep Blair (formerly Senator) impress me as the best,
for they give a wealth of insight into the lovable
character of the dear Governor as well as express a
deserved eulogy. I submitted the proofs of the volume to

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