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[notation: ENCLOSED IN McINTYRE 8-22-93]

Vina Calif August 15 1893

Mr. Charles G. Lathrop,

San Francisco, Calif.

Dear Sir:-

I am this moment in consultation with our Mr. Copeland (he having come in for the purpose) to whom was given Mrs. Stanfords order relative to closing the boarding house on the house on the bank of Deer Creek, known to us as "Ranch House No. 3".

Mr. Copeland states that he fully realizes the importance of the work which has been committed to his care by Mrs. Stanford, in that he is by her made responsible for the conduct of the farming department of Vina Ranch. It is in view of this responsibility that he has decided that it is not advisable to close the boarding house mentioned.

Among the many reasons which have been considered by him, and which have led to this decision, he desires me to mention the following:-

First. That as soon as the men now preparing the Palo Alto horses for market have finished their work, one man will be able to do all the work required at Ranch house No. 3, thus reducing the wages to a minimum. That the class of men now located at No. 3, as regards their work, hours when, and conditions under which, it must be performed, are quite different from those at the winery house - so different, in fact, that to place all in one "mess" will surely cause many of the best men, and most difficult to replace, to leave

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"2nd" (as in the 2nd item) is typed over. I left it out, but perhaps it should be included.