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[H lin]? Via delle Officine
Florance Italy, Dec. 26th 1890
Mrs Lems Stanford.
Dear Madame,
Your highly esteemed favor of Dec. 12th has reached me.
I shall be very glad to make any changes that you may suggest in the grants.
The quality of marble best suited for a group of such grand proportions is from the quarries of [Gerravezza?] , you can see speciment of it in statues of Jefferson and Franklin in the corrridors of the United States Senate Chambers
The shortist possible time in which the groups coud be completed in marble would be eighteen months.
To give you an idea of the size of the group as it would be in marble. The figure of your husband would be about seven feet tall, and the other figures is relative proportion.
The groups will be taller than the groups
of Columbus and Isabella which D.O. Wills
presented to the State of California, which I made
and which is in the Capital Building at Sacramento.

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