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I send you the attached clipping to show you that the people of the nation mourns his loss.

[newspaper clipping] Hon. Leland Stanford
Missouri State Union, Brookfield, Mo,

The death of Senator Stanford, of California, is a serious loss to the country at this juncture. Although a many-time millionaire he had the courage and patriotism to honestly urge legislation in the interest of the producing class, the enactment of which would have materially lessened the income of his own vast possessions. His influeuce would have been on the side of the people in the now inaugurated struggle of the ages, and his loss will be felt as a serious one. He is entitled to an enduring niche in the idol temples, which the patriotic people have dedicated to human liberty. [newspaper clipping ends]

Now let me say in conclusion that as soon as I can reach the means I will finish the book. That will be one of the classical and much sought after publications of the country, and almost perfect in style. It will contain a full biography of Gov. Stanford, a complete history of Leland Stanford jr University as well as the "grand woman who was ever his counselor, at his side"

"Let your sorrow turn to joy. You will meet again!"

A. E. Redstone

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