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Copied from "The Studio"
Volume 23, Page 174
"Religious Art at the
Holland Fine Art Gallery"

It would be difficult to praise
too highly the artistic spirit
by which the Illustrated Bible
Society has been influenced in
its preparation of the great work
which it has now ready for
publication. A very good idea
of the character of the publication
can be obtained from the ex-
hibition arranged at the
Holland Fine Art Gallery.
Here have been brought together
a large number of the
original drawings, executed
as illustrations for the Bible
by the chief artists of Europe
and America. The collection

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between the works of artists
like Sir Edward Burne-Jones,
Sir L. Alma-Tadema, Mr. J. M. Swan,
M. Josef Israels, M. Rochegrosse,
M. Repin, and Herr von Uhde,
all of them men inspired by strong
convictions and endowed with
a very definite sense of style.
The impression that the whole
series creates is that every
contributor has been induced
by a clear perception of the
greatness of the occasion to
attempt the clearest assertion
of his capacities, and to do
all possible justice to himself
without any idea of appealing
for popular approval by
suppressing his artistic indi-
viduality. No one has feared
to give full play to his per-
sonal preferences, and plainly
each artist has determined

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