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of nerve and vigorous in
health for all that lies
before you to accomplish.

I know you must keep
on, and I am consoled
when I think of all your
good counsellors - Uncle
Leland's tried and trusted
men. Capt. Smith, Mr. Gage
Judge Spencer, and your
brother Charles so devoted
and capable, and Mr.
Nash so kind and true.
I hope you will be very
considerate of yourself
and save your strength
for great affairs and

[right side]

let others attend to details.
I hope I am unduly anxious
on your account - but you
looked worn and nervous
yesterday and I have
wished you could be here
to day for entire rest. And
let us give you love and
affection - I hope you sleep
early and late - I pray
that strength and wisdom
and hope and courage
may abide with you
to the end.

Lovingly yours,


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