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contained all needful infor-
mation - thank you so
much for writing fully.
We found company here
and felt that I had better
not go away to day. I want-
ed to see you that we
might this week procure
all that is needful for
Gertie - and not be hur-
ried at the last - should
you go on the 3rd

It is won-
derful to me to see
how you plan - and move
on - carrying weighty bur-
dens all the time. Do you
sleep well? I hope and
pray that you do - for the
house you live in must
be cared for rested and
refreshed according to
God's law or go to pieces -
and I wish you could have
some restful days.

Every one seems to feel
that Judge Ross will decide
the Government suit in your
favor. Did you see the
article in the "News Letter"
of Saturday? God bless you
dear and give you sweet
peace - as you will have
company until the first

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