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NEW YORK Aug. 29, 1900.

Mrs. Jane L. Stanford

c/o Messrs. Speyer Bros.,

London, England.

My dear Mrs. Stanford,

I have received your letter of 19th inst., acknowledg-
ing the receipt of my telegram advising you of Mr. Huntington's death and
I am very much obliged to you for the kind expressions contained in your
letter. Mr. Huntington's death was a very sudden one, as he lived only
10 or 15 minutes after the attack commenced; but I suppose that such a
death in full mental and comparatively full physical strength would have
been the one which Mr. Huntington himself would have chosen. He had
seemed very well up to the time of his departure for the Adirondacks and
the four days of his life there were full of enjoyment of his surroundings
of which he was so fond.

There are of course many consolations to be thought of and consid-
ered in connection with his death, many of which you very kindly suggest
in your letter, and yet, after all, it is most difficult to realize that
he has really passed away, and that a life full of such earnest and strenu-
ous activities has really terminated.

Mr. Huntington was very much touched by your thoughtfulness and
kindess in coming to call upon him just before you sailed for Europe and
spoke to me many times about it after your departure.

Yours truly,

Charles H. Tweed (hand written)

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