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San Jose
July 10, '94
Dear Mrs. Stanford:

I thank
you for your last letter
from {Sissins ?} , and I
am glad you addressed
me as "friend". I am
truly and unselfishly
your friend dear
Madame, as I shall
prove should the time
ever come to do so.
I feel my heart drawn

few can realize.

I sent you my July magazine
in which was an editorial
about you. I may make my
publication a weekly instead
of a monthly. In whatever
way I can aid you with
my pen - or otherwise, be
assured, dear Mrs Stanford,
it will be a genuine pleasure
to me to do so, from the
strongest convictions, and
the warmest sympathy.

Believe me sincerely
and truly your friend,
Carrie Stevens Walter

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Carrie Stevens Walter (1846-1907) was an educator and poet, co-founded Sempervirens Club,
an environmental organization in California