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to see his horses and to
be present on Tuesday at
the sale. He has not been
here before since our return
East. This afternoon I
went to see Hattie Alexander
and sat an hour with her
both her children were
brought down stairs to see
me. She delights in them
and is proud of their
health and their inteligence. [sic]
She has been redecorating
and refurnishing her
house and it lookes [sic] very
much changed. She has
taken down all the dark
woods and replaced with
onyx and gilt and one room
is faced with lavender and
gold satin on walls and
furniture and is very fine.
After I reached the Hotel
a card was brought in
with a few lines written on
saying it was Della Clements
who formally lived with
Mrs. Hopkins. We had her
come in and she had
followed us here from
Was. She wanted some
idemnification [sic] from the
R.R. Co. for the killing
on the road of he [sic] father
in May before Mrs. Searls
died she went [to] Methuen
and saw Mrs. S. She was
then quite feeble and looked
weak and sick but they
had a talk but not a
satisfactory on to Della
she related to us her life

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