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sitting up late or eating late and
hearty dinners. We declined all
except four dinner invitations
out so you see we compared with
others have been very quiet.

We have had a most wonderful
snow storm to day nothing like it
all winter. I thought this winter was
over here. The trees are budding out
and yesterday the sun was so warm
we had windows up and fires all out
in heaters and grates. The roofs of the
houses the trees and shrubs are laden
and white with snow. This makes me
pine for dear Palo Alto but I shall soon
be their, [sic] I am delighted that we are to go
so soon. I got the Almanack this morning
to count the exact number of days before
we start. I want to thank you dear May
for your kind attention to my sister and
for your letters to me in regard to her con-
dition. I am so thankful and grateful
that this burden has been lifted from
all. She had really become diseased in
mind and it is just as bad as reality
to become a slave to the immagination. [sic]

All joine [sic] me in sending love and best
wishes. I cant say all I want to in
a letter but soon we will meet and then
there will be time and opportunity
to exchange thoughts Yours truly
Jane L. Stanford

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