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the things they are able
and well fitted by experience
and age to do. I am sure
no one thinks less of you
for what has transpired,
your friends are very many
and believe in you, and I
doubt if the others can feel
the same about themselves.

We shall start for Cal the 1st
of April - for only a very short
stay we'll be here again within
the month if all goes well with
us. I hope we will find you
there to look at you both will
be a pleasure, and I hope
and trust Lydia is well by
this time. I am greatly relieved
about my sister, although I
never for one moment thought
there was anything malignant
the matter with her, it was
really a case of effect of mind
over matter. I have had a
sore anxiety and it nearly
made me ill. We will go
away for six weeks to Europe
going June 1st. I want to get
away from care, letters of distress
and anxieties, we will go alone
only Mr Nash and I am
reveling already in the anticipated
peace quiet restfulness of the voyage.

Mr Stanford is much better
health than when we left Cal
and while so very many here
have been so seriously ill he
has by Gods mercy escaped.
Mr Blaine is very ill now
with the Grippe. We have tried
to live regular, and to avoid
giving dinners I gave four luncheons
that exempted Mr Stanford from

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