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[Left side]

all spared to reach there
together. I shall be thankful
if we can meet again
how I will rest soul body
and mind. I don't know
dear Leland as all I have
seen has for one moment
reconciled me to this long
seperation[sic]. I have tried to
[hide-face?] cheerfully and
not complain for I know
you had heavy burdens
in business, but Oh how
my heart has cried out
when alone at night
and how earnestly I have
prayed that we might
all be spared to meet
again. I don't dare to
allow myself to take this
cup of hope to my lips.

[Right side]

yet that you will be here
within a few weeks for you
say so little in your letters
to encourage me. Clara
has to leave me the first
of next month. She says
she will try and [contend ?]
the children to let them
stay till the middle if
she can. She does not
want to leave me till
you come, but I cannot
hope here to do what I
would not do myself. I
shall ever love and bless
her for her goodness to me
I think I never could
have come here in Italy
had she not urged me -
and cheered me to do so

I had a letter from Mrs. Lewis

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