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1881 March 24 p. 3.

[Right side]
fine enough for pictures
we saw the oven where
the bread was baked the
stone jars in the wine store
all these things one held
sacred by the people and
the government - a government
guide accompanied us

Clara and I were carried
in chairs for this purpose -
but still we walked
miles inside the houses
we lunched at the forum
and looked over the
grand old ruins . The
stillness was really oppresive
it seemed like the city
of the dead - on reaching
the beautiful Temple
of Isis we met with
an enterprising Yankee
who Photoed us all
sitting on the steps
leading to the Temple

[Left side]

but could not was sick all
night could not sleep I
was walking those deserted streets
and the pictures would not leave
my brain. I did not get out
again Monday Leland & Clara
went up to the top of Vesuvius
and a grand day he had
he bought some coins imbedded
in the hot lava. I staid[sic] home
quietly. While there he was
quite surprised to meet Dr &
Mrs [Grup, Grey ?[ from Cambridge Sir
Jospeh Hooker & Lady - they
were touring, doing ?] Pompeii Sorrento
Island Capri I would like
to have done all this but could
not my bowels troubled me
much so on Teusday[sic] we
hastened here- on Sunday I
shall go Florence

I hear Harry Mills is quite
sick Mrs. Levin wrote me
with Love ever-
To Stanford - I am sorry
did not send for Ariel I am

[along left edge]
afraid he is waiting for your summons

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