Legal documents [photocopies], 1900-1904



Untitled Page 86

Untitled Page 86

care to guard against any part of the work costing more than its due proportion of said trust fund.

I hereby authorize and direct my said agents to so let contracts for said work that said Building shall be completed if possible within two years from the time of commencing the foundation.

I do further authorize and direct my said agents to pass upon and approve all bills or obligations payable out of said trust fund.

No mosaic or other decorative work not called for by said plans as no determined upon shall be contracted for under this power of attorney, nor shall the cost of any such mosaic or other decorative work be chargeable against said trust fund.

The powers herein granted may be exercised by my two of said agents.

My said agents, Charles G. Lathrop, Horace Davis, Leon Gloss and Joseph D. Grant, shall exercise the powers herein granted only during my absence from the State of California.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand at San Francisco, California, this 6th day of June 1904

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