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United States Department of Agriculture,
Office of Experiment Stations.

Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station.

Honolulu, Hawaii, Jan 28, 1907

Dr. David Starr Jordan
Stanford University Calif.

Dear Dr. Jordan:

Yours of Jan 8 relative to Dr
at hand. From three and a
half years association with him I
would place no reliance whatever
on any statement made by Shorey
in writing, under oath or otherwise un-
less I had very full extraneous evidence
to support his contentions. He has been
known to report one way officially and
diametrically opposite for a fee in the
same case.

I was not in Honolulu at the time
of the Stanford case but I do know that
Shorey was of the opinion that strychnine was
the cause of death as long as he
believed that he would have to look to
the High Sheriff for payment for his services.

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Spelling of the chemist's name was verified here: https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn83025121/1905-03-03/ed-1/seq-2/