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By the sad death of MRS. JANE LATHROP STANFORD has come to the


a sorrow that is shared with the innumerable people who thus
have lost a noble and beloved friend.

To some of us it was given to know both founders of the university,
to join with them in the beginnings of the monument to their son,
and, in the season of her second great affliction,
to add our tribute of loving sympathy with the surviving founder.
To most of us, she has been the chief source of the University,
and the great object of its loyal affection.

During the years we were undergraduates she has dwelt among us,
linking our loyalty more closely to herself and to


She has sweetened our lives with many happy college memories,
the influence of her devoted purpose shall remain with us and
as an inspiration of lasting good.

F. A. Cooley '92, Fred G. Burrows '92, T. G. Crothers '92,
W. H. Crothers '92, J. Van Denburgh '94, Frederick J. Teggart '94,
Rea E. Maynard '94, Lucile Eaves '94, E. R. Zion '94,
M. D. Hall ex '94, Archie Rice '95, Charles K. Field '95,
Donald H. Fry '95, Frank T. Wilkinson '95, Geo. E. Crothers '95,
Arthur L. Emery '95, Annie G. Lyle, M.D. '95, Charles S. Burnell '95,
P. M. Downing '95, Wm. H. Harrelson '95, Max L. Rosenfeld ex '95,
Walter A. Stafford '95, Samuel W. Collins '95, Aylett R. Cotton, Jr. '94,
W. E. Stuart '95, Grace Davis ex '95, Thos. J. Roesman '00,

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