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the same or similar privilege
on this occasion.

Finally I promised to refer
his request to "Dr Duniway, who
is a personal friend of mine and
the papers say has something to
do with seating people." He would
like to sit with the University
faculty and close to the front, as
he is somewhat deaf. He would
desire to have the tickets or what
ever is required, sent to him
at Menlo Park.

I am sorry to be the in-
strument through which such
an irregular request comes at
this busy time. But if you

know Mr Doyle at all, you know that
the first person he comes to is the one
who must carry it through - there is
no passing on to one who knows. One
can not make promises to a feeble old
man and then forget it - and I promised
to forward his request.

L. P. Green

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