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[image: etching of the California State Capitol Building]

[preprinted] State of California - Department of State. [/preprinted]

I, C. F. CURRY, Secretary of State of the State of California, DO HEREBY CERTIFY that I have carefully compared the annexed copy of the Proceedings of the Senate and Assembly of the State of California [illegible] on March 1st, 1905 relative to the death of Mrs. Jane L. Stanford; and also of Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 27 of the Legislature of 1905, with the original now on file in my office and that the same are correct transcripts therefrom, and [of the?] whole thereof. Also, that this authentication is in due [from and?] by the proper officer.

WITNESS my hand and the Great Seal and the Great Seal of the State, at office in Sacreamento, California, the 10th day of May, A. D. 1905.

C. F. Curry

Secretary of State

[image: affixed seal with blue ribbon]

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