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Through the hard times when the students increased in
numbers but not the teachers I worked harder than I ever did in
any other institution and harder than my fellow economists in
the East ever tried to work. And why? Because anybody
required it? No, but because it was my pride to have my
department here just as good as it is in Universities with two
or three times as much to spend on teachers. I could not
bear to see this University behind the best, and so because
there were only two or three of us I spent myself freely to
make our courses as many and as strong as in Yale or Harvard
where they have four professors to do the work.

There is not one of the men that graduated with me from
Johns Hopkins University nine years ago who has not besides
teaching published one or two books, and so built up his personal
reputation. But I have published no book yet. Why
not? Because I can't write one? No, but because I did not
take time from my classes and give to private work.

If anybody had said then "You will be sorry you gave up
a fine position and chances of promotion at Cornell and gave
yourself up to Stanford University. You will regret you did not
write your books, and thereby better your chances of getting
a place elsewhere. As soon as the hard times are over for
the University and the good times come all the loyalty
you have shown will be forgotten, all the struggles you have
made will be ignored and you will be dropped ignominiously
without warning and without cause and assigned" If anyone

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