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The University of Nebraska


Dear Sir:

I wish to bring to the attention of my former
colleagues a matter of fact touching my honor.

Many seem to have the impression that in 1897 I allowed
my footing in the University to be changed. I wish therefore
to state distinctly that I never accepted a peculiar, irregular
or probational status in Leland Stanford Junior University.

The contrary impression appears to arise from a document
dated April 3, 1897 which is addressed to me and is in the form
of a reappointment for 1897-8 and a leave of absence on half
pay for 1898-9, but attaches the condition that I am to hand
in at once my resignation as Professor of Sociology the same to
be ultimately accepted by the President if the best interests
of the University should seem to require it.

Surely, in showing document as evidence of my pro-
bational status, the University authorities must have forgotten
that it is now in their hands because I promptly returned it to
the President with the statement that I was unwilling to comply
with its terms. They overlook the fact that I never wrote the
resignation it called for and that in consequence of my protest
the document was revoked and I received on April 8, 1897 a reap-
pointment absolutely without conditions.

Very respectfully yours,

Signed, E.A. Ross.

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