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Stanford University,

Nov.20, 1900.

Pres. David S. Jordan,

Stanford University.

Dear Sir:

Pursuant to your request I called this morning on
Dr. Ross in company with Professor Green and made formal request
for the letters loaned him and which you instructed me to se-
cure and return to the files of the office.

Professor Ross declined to give the papers to me. He asked
me to assure you that he would not take the papers with him and
would not publish them; that before he left the campus he would
return everything in his possession that did not belong to him.
When asked if he considered the letters as belonging to him, he
said he did; that the papers were given him for a definite pur-
pose; that he needed them in vindication of his character, and
that when he gave them up, if he ever did, it would be in ex-
change for a statement signed by you to the effect that you did
and said the things expressed in the letters.

I incidentally asked him for the receipt for his salary,
check for which to July 31 had been mailed him on Friday, the
amount being $2625.02. He declined to give the receipt until,
as he put it, he had ''time to call at the bank and ascertain if
the check was good and had not been countermanded. ''

Very truly yours,

G. A. Clark.

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