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San Francisco, Cal.

(Date any time after May 21,)

Dear Dr. Ross:

After seven years of association I was able to write of
you recently to Mrs. Stanford in the following terms:

''At the University Dr. Ross has been a constant source of
strength. He is one of the best teachers, always just, moder-
ate and fair. He is beloved by his students and has steadily
risen in the estimation of his colleagues.''

''In the time of trouble in the University he has been most
loyal, accepting extra work and all kinds of embarrassments with-
out a word of complaint. The sickness of Dr. Warner, the
failure of Dr. Clark, and the sudden departure of Prof. Powers
left him on each of three years with half the work of another man
in addition to his own. But he took this uncomplainingly and
I did not know till it was over that he was in consequence not
strong enough to stand up to lecture and had to spend his after-
noons in bed. If he had been a selfish man he would not have
overtaxed himself.''

He is ''a wise learned and noble man, one of the most loyal
and devoted of all the band we have brought together.''

You are at liberty to use this letter in seeking a position.


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