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Report of the Committee of Economists on the
Dismissal of Professor Ross from Leland
Stanford Junior University

The committee appointed at the meeting of the
economists in Detroit, December 28, 1990, to enquire
into the causes of the dismissal of Professor Ross from
Leland Stanford University, have earnestly endeavored
to learn the fact of the case. In addition to a careful
examination of the statements made in the newspapers,
we have asked Professor Jordan for a full and frank
statement of the causes which led to Professor Ross's
removal, and have obtained the replies printed in the
appendix, in which Professor Jordan declines to give
specific information in regard to them. We have also
in our possession copies of letters bearing upon this
case from various persons, including letters from Professor
, as well as from President Jordan, not only
to Professor Ross, but also to others.

The following facts are, we believe, undisputed:

It is customary for professors in the Leland Stanford
University to be reappointed early in May of each
year. Professor Ross failed to receive his annual
reappointment early in May, 1900. He was, however,
reappointed on June 2. On June 5, he handed to President
his resignation as follows:

''Dear Dr. Jordan: - I was sorry to learn from you a
fortnight ago that Mrs. Stanford does not approve of me
as an economist, and does not want me to remain here.
It was a pleasure, however, to learn at the same time of
the unqualified terms in which you had expressed to her
your opinion of the work and your complete confidence
in me as a teacher, a scientist and a man.

While I appreciate the steadfast support you have
given me, I am unwilling to become a cause of worry
to Mrs. Stanford or of embarrassment to you. I, there-
fore, beg leave to offer my resignation as professor of
sociology, the same to take effect at the close of the aca-
demic year, 1900-1901.''

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