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Whereas by the provisions of Subdivision Three of Article
XIII of said grant, the right to improve, manage, lease and
control the trust property is reserved to the grantors and
to the survivor of them, and

Whereas it is deemed advisable to lease certain portions
of said premises conveyed as aforesaid.

Now, Therefore, this Lease and Agreement Witnesseth:

That Jane Lathrop Stanford as Surviving Founder in
the performance of the duties and in the exercise of the
powers and privileges aforesaid in in the execution of the
trust in the place of the Trustees named in the Grant, for
and in consideration of the covenants hereinafter expressed
and the rents reserved, does hereby demise and lease unto
The Sigma Alpha Epsilon House Association, a corporation
for and during the full term of 10 years from May 1, 1901, to
May 1, 1911, the following premises, to wit:-

Beginning at a stake at the intersection of Lasuen
Street and Salvatierra Street; and running in a South Easterly
direction along said Salvatierra Street 527 feet to a
stake, the commencement of said lot; running in a South
Easterly direction from said stake 165 feet; thence at right
angles South Westerly 150 feet to the North side of Lane
A; thence at right angles North Westerly along said North
line of Lane A, 165 feet; thence at right angles North Easterly
150 feet to point of commencement and as shown on Map
of said premises hereto attached

To Have and To Hold the same to said second parties, their
heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, for and during
said term of 10 years or until the termination of this lease
as hereinafter provided.

Second parties covenants and agrees to pay to first
party the annual rent or sum of $50 for the use and occu-
pation of said premises, the first year's rent being pay-


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